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SEC 2024 Dental Sleep Conference

The dental sleep conference architects the growing link between dentistry and sleep medicine, making it clear how the dentist can play a larger role in the overall health of patients. 

The Sleep Education Consortium presents a unique opportunity to learn about the dentists’ role in sleep medicine beyond just placing an oral appliance in a patient.  

In an effort to provide the best educational experience, the conference provides lectures specifically designed to address the educational needs of the D.D.S. with the first day consisting of hands-on sessions to learn about the oral exam, working with appliances, and taking bite registrations amongst other things. The second and third day of lectures is open to all healthcare professionals, such as physicians, and has a broader range of sleep-related lecture topics are covered.

By addressing the patients’ questions regarding sleep issues, the dentist and support staff can be grounded in the broader aspect of sleep disorders. The conference will allow the dentist and support staff to become familiar with many sleep problems, and they can be more responsive to questions patients may ask as the dentist screens for sleep disorders within their practice. The educational methods will include lectures, Q&A, panel discussions, and hands-on workshops.  

The hands-on experience workshops will teach how to take a bite record, perform an airway exam and make a morning repositioner appliance. This course will provide dental professionals with a pathway for building a dental sleep medicine aspect of their dental practice while functioning within accepted medical standards. 

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